Comprendo the Spanish language learning board game

Now there's an easy way for all the family to speak Spanish while having fun.

Going to Spain? Play Comprendo!®, the Spanish language board game, and you'll soon be speaking it effortlessly!

What people are saying about Comprendo!

We have sold the Comprendo! Boardgame to Families, Schools and Universities all over the world

"After a short while playing Comprendo our students found picking up the language became easy"

Malet Lambert College, Hull

"My kids get way too much homework so Comprendo is a perfect fun learning tool for teaching them Spanish "

Tina Ball Southend On Sea

"Our Comprendo board game arrived last week & played twice. Already confident enough to order food, drinks and get directions"

Josh & Mel Cumbria

"What's great about Comprendois it's fun and the family are all learning at the same time. "

Julia Rowen Plymouth

"A great teaching tool. I can't recommend Comprendo highly enough"

Espanglish! School, Almería Spain

Learn Spanish effortlessly & get more out Your Holiday to Spain!